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He’s been compared to an evangelist preacher, P. T. Barnum, Will Rogers and Sam Walton.  One thing for certain, Ray Scott is an all-American original.  He turned his personal passion for bass fishing into founding of the world’s largest sportfishing organization – the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.). 

BASS BOSS is the riveting biography of the man Field & Stream selected, along with Theodore Roosevelt and Rachel Carson, as one of the twenty most influential outdoor Americans of the 20th century.  His entertaining and inspirational story is an insider’s look at the personalities, the pro fisherman, the technology, and the events that shaped the multi-billion dollar bass fishing industry.

Rarely has one man had such an impact on an industry.  Over three decades, Ray Scott, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, transformed bass fishing from a sleepy weekend pursuit to an exciting sport that is enjoyed by millions – whether on a strictly personal level or as participant or spectator in highly competitive pro tournaments.

While creating B.A.S.S., Scott spawned an industry of fishing heroes, tackle, boats, marine electronics, fishing publications, specialty retail stores, and more.   Here are the triumphs and failures, the memorable personalities, and the behind-the-scenes dramas never told before.  It’s a story of vision, determination, perseverance and faith that will inspire anglers and non-anglers alike.


A Note From The WebMaster: I have personally read this book and found myself unable to put it down, even when the clock read 2:00 AM. I really enjoyed this book even though I am not an avid Bass fisherman. Beware! If you do decide to read this book, start early. Those late nights are hard on a body the next morning....

BASS BOSS Limited Hardback Edition $35.00+ $6.95 S/H
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Nothing happens in sales until you have a prospect to sell to….

That has always been the deceptively simple premise of Ray Scott’s sales philosophy.  Get a prospect to listen to your message and things happen. Figure out how to keep a constant supply of prospects and you’ve got one foot firmly planted on the road to success. Combine a steady stream of prospective customers with sure-fire sales techniques and you’re up and running toward selling super-stardom

Ray Scott enthusiastically shares his own tried-and-true “Cycle of Success” in his book Prospecting and Selling--From a Fishing Hole to a Pot of Gold.  He describes how he honed his skills and his system in a highly successful career in insurance sales and then used his methods and entrepreneurial philosophies to create two multi-billion-dollar outdoor industries from his own personal hobbies -- the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the Whitetail Institute of North America.

 Today Scott shares his inspiring story in speaking engagements to groups large and small, in an educational, entertainment or motivational context.


Prospecting & Selling -  $14.95+ $4.95 S/H




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